What is the best Requirements Engineering Tool?

I often get asked ‚what is the best tool for requirements engineering and requirements management?‘ The answer is not so simple because what starts out as a question about a tool only for one group of people quickly turns into a question about the underlying process and organization. If you want the whole truth and nothing but the truth about introducing these tools suites into an organization you should read this post.

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The anti-patterns for an agile organization

On November 5 there will be the 2nd Agile Leadership Day here in Zurich which will be another excellent chance for senior management and other leaders to learn about the agile movement and the benefits that agile brings.
I recently came across an organization who had declared „Mission accomplished“ for becoming agile. I found – let’s say – a few anti-patterns why that was far from the case.

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The leadership for products

The leadership for products

At the Product Management Festival 2014, the expert panel consisting of Rich Mironov, Jeff Lash, Michael Eckhard, and Teresa Torres shortly discussed the best title and definition for a product manager. Teresa was quick to state that it is not the name that’s important but what product managers do. In my opinion, a product manager needs a certain mindset to be successful.

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