What is the best Requirements Engineering Tool?

I often get asked ‚what is the best tool for requirements engineering and requirements management?‘ The answer is not so simple because what starts out as a question about a tool only for one group of people quickly turns into a question about the underlying process and organization. If you want the whole truth and nothing but the truth about introducing these tools suites into an organization you should read this post.

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The HP in requirements management

Every role in an organization has the tendency to see his/her task as a silo: e.g. we deliver requirements in an un-manageable Microsoft Office document and let the readers decide what they want to do with our requirements. Some organization begin to use integrated tools like HP’s tool suite. Although not the best tool for requirements engineering, HP provides an excellent tool to manage requirements, test cases, and the traces among them. When deciding whether the HP QC licenses are enough or HP ALM should be used, there are certain features of HP ALM that are a must. „The HP in requirements management“ weiterlesen