One argument of EV critics is that the electricity used to fill the batteries could come from dirty power stations burning coal. Well, in Switzerland we have many hydro electric dams and we have the EROS club. EROS is short for Energy, Renewable, Original, Sensible. It currently finances two Swiss dams and produces clean energy using them. The club invites drivers of EVs to fund their amount of kilometers so that the energy that they use when charging  their cars anywhere comes from a Swiss hydro dam. Every year, the club invites its sponsors to a different hydro dam in Switzerland.

This year, we went to the Nalps hydro electric dam high above Sedrun which is close to Andermatt on the other side of the Oberalppass. After an introduction deep within the power house cavern where we saw the generators and were shown just how quickly they can respond to feed their energy into the electric grid when needed, we quietly drove up to the dam on 1,900 meters while enjoying the beautiful nature scenery. 

Parking was very special, because we parked our 38 Tesla, an Ampera-E, and a Twiky on the dam which allowed for excellent pictures and movies. The official video is awesome.

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