Tesla tour of four Swiss mountain passes

Tesla tour of four Swiss mountain passes

A recent tweet about a tour that we did with 30 Tesla of the Swiss Tesla Owners Club and German Tesla Club has received an almost viral (for me at least) storm of feedback. Actually, the same trip has been done in previous years before but it was the first time that I took part.

I wasn’t so sure whether a Model S 70D with a range of 350 km (218 miles) could manage a tour of about 330 km (205 miles) while also climbing four steep Swiss mountain passes, i.e. Susten, Grimsel, Nufenen, and Gotthard on a single charge. So, I invested a little money and paid Tesla for the upgrade to a 75D and charged her to 100%. If you want to know whether we made it home, keep reading.

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Wiese zu Wohnungen / Meadow to flats

Wie werden aus einer Blumenwiese 18 Wohnungen?

Über 18 Monate habe ich dieses Projekt von der Destruktion einer Blumenwiese zur Kreation von 18 Wohnungen begleitet, in dem ich es mit Bildern aus einer gleichbleibenden Perspektive festgehalten habe, um die Veränderungen aufzuzeigen und als Film darzustellen.

How are 18 flats created from a meadow?

Over 18 months, I have followed this project from the destruction of a meadow to the construction of 18 flats by shooting pictures taken from the same perspective and present the changes via this film.