Quotes from the Product Management Festival 2017

The PMF 2017 had again, like every Festival before it, awesome speakers providing a great number of memorable quotes.

These are just an excerpt and not in an order of importance. Pick the ones that mean most to you.

„The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.“ originally by Stephen Covey, here by @matanbar

„Influence is the property of people wanting your help. Authority can be taken away. Influence cannot.“ @markhull

„Being kind is the best career advice.“ @markhull

„Be passionate about solving the problem not about your solution.“ @markhull

„Learn from the people that challenge you instead of fighting them.“ @RebekahLMueller

„We need to learn to say no to good ideas to get to the great ones.“ @AhmedAbukhater

„A product manager has three roles: product line manager defining the product strategy, technical product manager, and product marketing manager. It is alright to delegate the technical role to e.g. a product owner.“ @AhmedAbukhater

„The only theory on leadership that matters is your own!“ @naskin

„Why don’t we start every meeting with a minute of mindfulness to ensure that everyone is mentally there?“ Ela Amarie

„Reducing a site for the sake of best user experience is painfully difficult, if it’s cluttered and optimized for KPIs.“ @DrDavidPier

„Don’t neglect qualitative data“ @DrDavidPier

„Data is just a tool.“ @DrDavidPier

„Including sales and marketing at least close into the team reduces friction and increases trust.“ @rampapatla

„Having a clear vision allows to say no to feature creep and other distractions.“ @rioakasaka

„You can’t be the only one with the vision, you have to bring your team along.“ @rioakasaka

„Pursue perfection but not forever. Define the cut-off early.“ @rioakasaka

„Be persistent. Show that you are in it for the long run to earn trust“ @rioakasaka

„Ask ‚Who are our extreme users?’ to take your product to the next level.“ @rioakasaka

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