The product owner for the rest of us

Every team whose demand and task stack is open to multiple sources wishes for someone to prioritize and decide which tasks would create the biggest business value at this point in time. Having only one person who knows it all and who prioritizes all demands and tasks? Who wouldn’t want that for his or her team? I want one and I’m not a programmer. What can we learn and re-use from Scrum principles for all other types of work?

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The anti-patterns for an agile organization

On November 5 there will be the 2nd Agile Leadership Day here in Zurich which will be another excellent chance for senior management and other leaders to learn about the agile movement and the benefits that agile brings.
I recently came across an organization who had declared „Mission accomplished“ for becoming agile. I found – let’s say – a few anti-patterns why that was far from the case.

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The slaves in a Scrum team

To make a project successful, it needs a role providing the vision, goals, and leadership, someone overseeing the constraints like tasks, budget, and time, as well as someone ensuring the efficient and effective use of resources in order to produce the desired quality. These roles need titles. When choosing the words for these titles, we should carefully look at the meaning of the words behind these titles, because words are so powerful! Using the right or wrong words can have a great effect on people. There are lots of words that intrigue me why people are using them and whether they understand what they actually mean.

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