The leadership for products

The leadership for products

At the Product Management Festival 2014, the expert panel consisting of Rich Mironov, Jeff Lash, Michael Eckhard, and Teresa Torres shortly discussed the best title and definition for a product manager. Teresa was quick to state that it is not the name that’s important but what product managers do. In my opinion, a product manager needs a certain mindset to be successful.

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The slaves in a Scrum team

To make a project successful, it needs a role providing the vision, goals, and leadership, someone overseeing the constraints like tasks, budget, and time, as well as someone ensuring the efficient and effective use of resources in order to produce the desired quality. These roles need titles. When choosing the words for these titles, we should carefully look at the meaning of the words behind these titles, because words are so powerful! Using the right or wrong words can have a great effect on people. There are lots of words that intrigue me why people are using them and whether they understand what they actually mean.

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