About me professionally

I help people and their organizations to become continuously more effective, remain sustainably successful, and be proud of their achievements.

I believe for an organization to be successful, the people within it from top to bottom need to have an agile mindset: show mutual appreciation, esteem, and trust, have the quest to learn, be intrinsically motivated, allow diversity of thought, embrace change as a chance, be transparent, have the desire to collaborate, share knowledge, and have fun at work.

I identify relevant innovative trends and make them accessible to others. I exchange ideas in networks, organize events, or participate at such. I initiate the necessary innovation and guide involved people on all levels of the organization through the change process. By giving special attention to the economical usage of resources, to the ecological sustainability, and to a working atmosphere defined by mutual acceptance and respect, I do my best to make our world a better place.

I help people find agreement upon their future business problems by listening to their expert knowledge, ideas, wishes, and dreams and building up mutual trust by understanding their reasons. To me, strengthening a common spirit in a team in which everyone sees diversity as an inspiration and as a guiding light towards our joint goals is paramount for each collaboration.

I combine just the right amount of agile leadership and continuous innovation with up-to-date skills in business analysis, process design, requirements engineering, user-centered design, product management, and product ownership to identify the underlying needs and value, to describe the needed business solution, and to safely lead people and their organizations over the uncharted waters ahead so that we concertedly reach our goals.